Hey there!

i'm lauren

I'm an Etsy Shop owner who is passionate about helping other women start, grow and scale their businesses. My Etsy Shop is in the top 1% of all Etsy shops according to revenue and I'm passionate about leading other women to start, grow and scale their own businesses.

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What does it feel like to start and grow a small business? Well, it's sort of like having a baby. We grow and invest so much energy into growing a wonderful dream! Let's learn from each other to make the path to small business success a more efficient and fun journey! 

Born in Basingstoke England, I now live in Kansas City Missouri USA with my husband, three children and two dogs. My happiest days are spent balancing my family and work, I thrive when I can help others achieve the same balance with a successful small business. 

fun facts

about me

I'm terrified of tornados, I come from England where there are zero tornados. Help me find cover if there's a tornado warning and perhaps hand me a glass of wine.

I prefer a small amount of really good friends, I am obsessed with keeping my old friends close. Probably comes from moving across the globe and having to stay close to people even though they are far away.

I met Princess Diana when I was a child, I gave her flowers in our local park and the newspaper took our picture.