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4 Steps to 5 Star Etsy Reviews.

August 31, 2020

  1. Christyna says:

    Yes, we would like comment on your writing as we totally agree with you from A to Z, so to speak.
    Step 1 is what we do!
    Step 2. We provide the customer with a 1-3 days delivery time + the USPS which we are unable to control. We very often ship the same day if possible.
    Step 3 quality packaging is there.
    Step 4 Communication, we can not hammer enough on that subject as we have constantly the experience that the consumer is getting more and more feisty and angry if it doesn’t go in their way.
    We enclose in every shipping item a note “Please Read This First”
    Instead, they tear it off, toss it and ignore totally everything about our instructions, advice, etcetera.
    We are a dead duck if that happens!
    We always reply within 24 hours, very often the same hour.
    If there is an issue, we provide them with an 100% guarantee service, we replace double the amount they order, we believe that is outstanding!
    We return the money if they 100% insist on it.
    The tracking # gets send the moment we ship the item!
    What else more can we do? and still fall in evil customers who offend and blame us for certain terminology we have never used or said!
    We are 40 years in business and have never encountered such a rudeness of the consumer in the USA. We do believe that the star reviews has put the power in the hands from the consumers, and they know if.
    They easily, without any hesitation, drop you a 1 star rating and feel very good about it!
    Advise would be very helpful.
    We appreciate you for taking the time reading this.
    MHS & More LLC

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