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Leaning into what you love can be one of the most important moves you will ever make. Building a career and business around something you love may be something you’ve been trying to do for years. You may even have an idea of what you want to do. You may have a nagging feeling that […]

5 Ways to Identify Your Passion and Turn it into a Career

The most important stat that Etsy has available to us is our Etsy shop conversion rate. It tells you how many of the visitors to your shop purchase. Today we will answer… What is a conversation rate? What is the average etsy shop conversion rate? How do you calculate your conversion rate?  How do you […]

How to Increase your Etsy Shop Conversion Rate

batch working for etsy

Let’s be honest, you have limited time. It’s hard to be productive when you have the world pulling at you for attention. You try and do multiple things at once to keep up; however, you end up feeling behind. You try and do it all. You often find yourself multitasking. Let’s work on a solution, […]

How to Batch Work And Create Massive Efficiencies In Your Business And Life.

How do you feel about customer reviews? Do you dread reading them when you are notified you’ve received them? Or do you know you’ve done everything possible to earn that 5 star review! Buyers can leave reviews for 100 days after the order’s estimated delivery date. For digital items, this window begins once you download your […]

4 Steps to 5 Star Etsy Reviews.

How to up-sell on Etsy

Have you ever tried so hard to get your audience to purchase from you, let’s say from your social media following and wonder why it seems so difficult?  What if you already had primed customers that are ready to purchase? The perfect customer is the one you already have, if a customer has already purchased […]

The perfect customer is the one you already have.

What you really should know about your period and being an entrepreneur.

Did you know there’s such things as period coaches? Claire Baker is one of them! She helps women become more aware of their monthly cycles so they can be in better flow with their body and cycle sync their lives.  I have learned so much from Claire and I can’t wait for you to step […]

How to plan your work around the seasons of your monthly cycle.

Etsy Photos

Have you ever put together all your photos on your Etsy listing… you do one last scroll though the photos before you hit publish and think…ah this seems kind of bland, it’s not really showing how truly wonderful it feels to have this item. I have done this so many times and I try to […]

How to create an emotional response in your listing photos to increase sales.


Etsy Success Roadmap

I want to give you the roadmap, a guide, a path to success on Etsy. Follow the steps I've taken.

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Ideal Etsy Listing

The complete guide to elements you must include in each of your Etsy Listings.

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